Teenager of the Year

Every year our Kiwanis club selects a Teenager of the Year.

Teenager of the Year



The Kiwanis Club of Mercury 64 is seeking applicants for the 2022 – 2023 Teenager of the Year Award. The purpose of this award is to give recognition to deserving teenagers for their service to their school and community, citizenship, leadership performance, character and academic achievements. If the nominee continues through the competition process at club, division and district levels, the finalist will be awarded the title of 2022 – 2023 Capital District Teenager of the Year, $2,500.00 and a trip with their parents/guardians to the Kiwanis District Convention.


The Capital District Teenager of the Year Award welcomes applications from young people who are between the ages of 13 and 19 (not yet age 19) and are currently residing in DC, DE, MD, WV or VA.  The following criteria will be used in choosing winners:


  • Demonstrated a consistent and dedicated commitment to community service;
  • Demonstrated positive spirit, courage, academic achievement, generosity and high moral purpose;
  • Shown initiative, tenacity and unselfishness in pursuit of their community service efforts;
  • Accomplished something that inspired others to make a positive difference in their community; and
  • Made an impact beyond themselves that improved their community or the volunteer organization they support.

Statement of non-discrimination:  The Capital District of Kiwanis International and the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation do not discriminate on the basis of any applicable protected classification including, but not limited to race, color, creed, national origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, age or sex, including sexual orientation and gender identity.


  • $2500 funded by the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation (choice of CD, check or savings bond)
  • Recognition certificate
  • Trip to the Kiwanis Capital District Convention August 19-21, 2022 in Baltimore, MD.
  • Recognition in the Kiwanis Capital District Convention program booklet and the 2022 Capital Kiwanian Magazine summer edition


Online application process (Applicants will receive email notification upon submission.)

Download Application Guidelines Here


Please read these requirements carefully before you begin the application process. Applications must be completed and submitted by our deadline of 5:00 p.m. EST on February 1, 2023. Please contact us well in advance of our deadline for any technical assistance. APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE DEADLINE. ONLY FULLY COMPLETED APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Applications require basic information about yourself: name, address, current grade, phone and email contacts to reach you. We also require that you provide a personal statement from you and three (3) recommendations from adults who are unrelated to you. A recommendation is an adult advocate who has knowledge of your activities. For example: school faculty members, supervisors at a non-profit where you volunteer, business leaders, employers or religious leaders.

This award is about service to others and we want your recommendations to speak to why your community service involvement is worthy of being selected as the Capital District Teenager of the Year. Please make sure the person who is writing your recommendation addresses the following:

  • Describe this student’s local or national community service efforts.
  • Why have they made a difference in the community?
  • How have their efforts improved their community?

Please provide a copy of these guidelines to the persons who will be writing your recommendations. Recommendation letters MUST be uploaded to the application unless prohibited by a school district or organization.  Do not submit your application until all letters are uploaded. Only if a reference is not allowed to personally provide you with the letter of recommendation, can they be uploaded to [email protected] and include a statement they are not authorized to personally share the letter with you.

All required fields and requested materials must be completed and uploaded before you can submit your application. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Contents of the application are considered public information once submitted and should not include private or privileged information. Please use your full legal name. If you are known by a nickname, you may include it on the application where indicated. Please use a permanent address, phone number, and email address (not a school email address). You are given 30 days from the time you open and begin the application to review, revise and submit all required documents. THIS INFORMATION CANNOT BE CHANGED ONCE YOUR APPLICATION IS SUBMITTED.

Correspondence regarding your application will primarily be through email. Your application will need to be signed by you and one or more Parent/Guardian to certify the validity of your application and authorize the use of your information.


Statements are judged on creativity, content, style, punctuation, spelling and grammar. Your statement should range from 250 – 750 words, and must address the following three questions:

1. What three things have you learned during your community service experiences and how did these efforts result in a positive impact upon the community?

2. What have you learned from your community service and volunteer efforts about yourself and about the world around you?

3. How do you plan to incorporate those lessons learned in your future plans?


  1. Indicate the grade in which each honor, award, office, or membership applies (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12). If the same honor/award was received in multiple grades, list the honor/award only once, but indicate all grades the honor/award was received.
  2. Take care to list school awards, school-related curricular activities, school-related extracurricular activities, and non-school related activities in the proper section of the application.
  3. Do not duplicate memberships. For example, membership in band for grades 10-11-12 and elected band president for grade 12 yields two years of membership where no office was held (10-11) and one year of office/position of leadership (12). Selection for all district, all-region, and/or all-state band is considered additional honors and awards and should also be included.


School-Related Curricular Activities and Awards (Academic)

Junior Year:                  National Honor Society – member

Spanish Club

                                    All-City Jazz Band

                                    All – A Honor Roll

Senior Year:                  National Honor Society – President

                                    Drama Club

                                    All-State Jazz Band

School-Related Extra-Curricular Activities and Awards (Non-Academic)

Freshman Year:             Key Club – Member

                                    Interact – Member

                                    Varsity Indoor Track – team member

Sophomore Year:          Key Club – Vice-President

Junior Year:                  Key Club – President

                                    Varsity Indoor Track – Team Captain

Senior Year:                  Key Club – Lt. Governor

                                    Varsity Indoor Track – Team Captain

Selected School Peer Tutor of the Year for 75 hours of service to students at East End Elementary School

Community and Employment Activities (Non-School Related)    

Freshman Year:             Ballet Company of Virginia – taught 5-7 year olds – 20 hours

Internship with Warner Graphics Art Studio – helped create newsletter for church youth group – 10 hours

Sophomore Year:          Vacation Bible School – Assisted in arts with 10 children at Poquoson Methodist Church for one week – 5 hours

Spaghetti Dinner – I organized this fundraiser for 100 participants to raise money for our mission trip to Southwest Virginia. – 15 hours

Community Service Awards

Senior Year:                  Key Club Robert F. Lucas Outstanding Lt. Governor Award – nominated by the Key Clubs in my division for my leadership as Lt. Governor

Church Student Youth Leader of the Year – awarded for outstanding service to Habitat to Humanity – 30 hours in West Virginia

Contact us at [email protected]

Application Form



Grade in Current School Year




Statement of Nominee – insert file

Application, Certification and Authorization to Use Name and Image agreement

Name of School



ENGAGEMENT:  List school-related curricular activities and awards, school-related extracurricular activities and awards, and community and employment activities and community service awards in the proper section of the application below. (Include Name of organization, position, nature of award or honor received and year.  Do not duplicate memberships.)

  • School-Related Activities and Awards (Examples include National Honor Society, music, agriculture, drama, etc.; Activities should be included here when related to academics.)
  • School-Related Extracurricular Activities and Awards (Examples include cheerleading, Key Club, sports, etc.; Activities should be included here when not related to academics. Focus on community service-based activities wherever possible.)
  • Community and Employment Activities (Examples include church activities, mission trips, fundraisers, Eagle School/Girl Scout, etc.)
  • Community Service Awards (Include date of receipt of award as well as what you did to earn the award; i.e., dates and hours of service wherever possible.)

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION – Insert files of three letters.  All letters must be uploaded. The only exception is where a writer is not authorized by the school or organization to submit the letter directly to you. Those letters must be submitted to [email protected] or mail to: Kiwanis Club of Mercury 64, P.O. Box 7155, Hampton, VA 23666.

Parent/Guardian consent signature or student signature if 18 or older